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Welcome to Social Sampling™

Social Sampling, Inc.™ specializes in events that engage consumers prior and up to purchase. We fuse the digital and physical assets to create a seamless and positive consumer experience.

We use the power of 'Social Media', 'Influencers' and a 'Patented' Technology (Links/Tracks) for extensive brand reach and recognition, quality interaction, intercepts and maximum sales results!

We are the only company to leverage true, real-time accountability, with persuasion of trial/samples and the influence of socially savvy “Consumer Connectors®” (a.k.a. Brand Ambassadors).  

Social Sampling™ highly rewards influencers for outstanding performances and effects in 'Connecting Brands with Consumers…In-store, On Line & In Life®'.

Our innovative model is an outcome of in-depth research studies and testing. An advanced infrastructure reduces waste, errors and costs, yet increase consumer counts, improving responsibility, efficiencies for an ultimate outcome, at lower rates for clients.

A Sample becomes a Sale…A Sale becomes an Essential!