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Welcome to Social Sampling, Inc.™ (SSI)

Social Sampling’s ‘best in class’ events incorporate Social Media and Consumer Connectors® (a.k.a. Brand Ambassadors), supported by exclusive patented event-tracking systems, delivering ultimate accountability, while driving maximum reach, ROI and loyalty at the most competitive rates.

Our drive is innovation, excellence and the belief that there needs to be more control and quality in our industry. We know through advanced real-time technology, skilled/enthusiastic team, and well-compensated employees, the results for the retailer, manufacturer and shopper are significant and beyond positive.

We truly desire to be the premier and most trusted event marketing company, delivering a positive journey to all. Our ultimate goal is an impressive experience, at the most reasonable rate, while multiplying loyal advocates for our clients.

Connecting Brands with Consumers…In Store, On Line, In Life®